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Happy Friday! We’ve had a busy week of catching up after being out of the office last week for the 2015 Adobe Summit! The event provided great networking opportunities and even greater learnings. One of the hottest topics at the Summit this year was “The Internet of Things“.

Today in AdExchanger, our CEO Finn Faldi shares a similar experience from the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year and more importantly, how First-Party technology will become core to the underlying infrastructure of IoT.

The Internet of Things (IoT) exploded onto the tech scene last year and scored major attention at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. The IoT market is huge, with a projected reach of $19 trillion by 2020.

There are practically limitless opportunities to harness the IoT to capture the hearts and minds of consumers in new ways. But what makes the IoT exciting is how suddenly every connected “thing” will have its own data ecosystem, including more streams of first-party data.

IoT brings data to a whole new level, accelerating the reams of data flowing to brands from smart brand-to-device and device-to-device interactions. Therefore, it won’t be long before we see automotive, appliance, consumer packaged goods and a host of other data-driven industries follow similar monetization strategies. As a result, the roles that advertisers' partners will play – from digital marketing platforms to data providers – will dramatically change as digital strategies shift.

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