We are only two days away from Super Bowl 50! Team Trueffect is #UnitedinOrange and ready for our Broncos to bring home that Lombardi Trophy once again…

The world of marketing has changed significantly since the last time the Broncos won the Super Bowl. Long gone are the days of creating a memorable 30-second piece of content and calling it a day. Today, marketers are tasked with developing a cross-platform experience, loaded with ways for consumers to interact with their brand.

A cross-channel strategy is more than just delivering the same content across a variety of screens and platforms. It means identifying and interacting with audiences through personalized creative that speaks to them before, during and long after the 30-second spot airs. This ties in directly with IAB’s recent findings that identifying cross-channel audiences will be key to marketers in 2016.

An all-encompassing digital strategy takes into account mobile, social, video and display. As evidenced by the now iconic “You can still dunk in the dark” tweet from Oreo’s social media team during Super Bowl XLVII’s blackout, social media affords brands the opportunity to engage with audiences in real-time. This provides even more incentive for marketers to optimize a campaign strategy that looks beyond television.

By focusing on identifying and engaging target audiences across multiple channels, Super Bowl marketing can be more than just a flash in the pan moment and will allow brands to dominate their competition. Let’s just hope the Broncos can do the same on Sunday…


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