Case study: E-travel

e-Travel Company Increases Customer Engagement By 30%

An emerging e-travel company was founded as a consumer-oriented online travel company offering customers the fastest, easiest way to plan travel. Website and mobile app compares top travel sites and make it easy for consumers to visually compare results and choose the best option.


As an emerging leader in the travel industry up against several large competitors, this company needed a better way to reach and target new customers, and to better understand their existing customers in general.

Customer Objectives

  • Connect disparate channels and partners
  • Increase targetable attributes from CRM
  • Align customer history and location to their website experiences
  • Ensure customer data privacy
30 %

customer engagement

14 mil

million unique users

100 %

insights owned and
secured by brand

The Challenge

The company knew that their consumers researched and purchased flights across multiple channels, but they didn’t have a consolidated view of the consumer’s path to purchase. Likewise, they needed a better way to leverage their CRM data to inform more targeted advertising activities.


This put the growing company at risk of investing in the wrong channels, and missing opportunities to put more resources into the highest performing channels.

Trueffect Solution:

Brand-Owned, First Party Universal ID

Trueffect equipped the brand with their own 1st Party Universal ID, allowing the company to activate and control all of their marketing and advertising in a central command center hosted within their own domain.

Media Precision and Personalization

By activating their 1st party environment across marketing channels and functions, the company eliminated redundancies in their reach, and achieved a level of a level of media precision and personalization they’d never seen before.

Creative Versioning and Optimization

Not only were they able to render and serve optimized creative based on a consumer’s geographic location, time of day, and browser history, but now they can view the performance metrics across channels in a single, consolidated report.