Trueffect Attracts New Tech Talent, Sponsors Boulder Startup Week

Westminster, CO – May 3, 2016 – Trueffect, the leading people-based digital marketing platform that enables brands to maintain continuity and effectiveness of customer engagement across all digital marketing touch points, today announced it will sponsor this year’s sixth annual Boulder Startup Week, May 16-20. This offers an opportunity for customers, colleagues and potential job applicants to meet some of the company’s executive team, including new hires VP of Product, Sonu Kansal, and our VP of Engineering, Dave Witonsky.


Trueffect is proud to sponsor the event, featuring 20 tracks of over 200 events, that organizers ensure will “set the tone for how startup communities come together to build the next great things.”


“Our purpose as a company is to enable the creation of lasting and meaningful relationships. We believe in this core tenet and seek to engrain it in everything that we do.” said Alex Yoder, Trueffect CEO. “Thus, relationships with our customers, employees and the community are an extension of that vision, which is why we believe sponsoring Boulder Startup Week and other community events is so important.”


Although not new to the Boulder-area community, Trueffect operates and acts like a startup, focused on rapid iteration, collaboration and agile execution in all facets of daily business. Trueffect is taking this approach and applying it to solving the next big marketing problem, related to the convergence of marketing and media execution through a common user experience and is aggressively building out its technology, R&D and product functions to address this strategy, which makes sponsoring Boulder Startup Week a natural fit. Trueffect will take part in the week-long celebration of innovation and problem-solving with a booth at the career fair during the event. That’s also a great place to meet the company’s two most recently added executives, VP of Product, Sonu Kansal, and our VP of Engineering, Dave Witonsky.


Dave brings over 20 years of experience leading and growing engineering organizations to achieve extraordinary outcomes. He has a strong background in mobile development, enterprise software, and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform architectures. Dave began his career at MIT Lincoln Laboratory working with mathematicians, physicists and engineers on the Star Wars (SDI) program. In 2009, while at Intermap Technologies, he initiated and proposed a new application and business opportunity for the Apple iPhone. He led the overall mobile product team and the application won the Apple Design Award for “Best iPhone Application OS Beta 3.0.”


Over the last few years, Dave has led teams focused on data analytics, mobile and scalable software platforms leveraging micro-services and cloud computing. He has a strong drive to simplify business challenges with technical solutions that are performant bringing tremendous value and great user experiences for the customers.


Sonu Kansal is the former VP of Engineering at Yahoo! He brings nearly 20 years of experience in technology, with ten of those years as a hands-on, C-level executive driving hiring, product vision, product development, engineering, architecture and operations. Although Sonu worked most recently at Google, it was while there that he realized his passion was tied to small company environments where he can have significant impact. This brought him to Trueffect. Sonu has run and sold his own startup and spends his free time as a Mmentor at Techstars. Combine all of this with his car racing experience, and we simply couldn’t go wrong.


“We want to be a market leader and innovator,” said Yoder. “Having the opportunity to hire great people like Dave and Sonu, gives us a definitive edge as we transition the company to solve technical limitations of the current marketplace. Trueffect will help put the region on the map as a truly significant technology hotbed.”


Sessions are filling up fast, but those interested should visit for a full schedule and to register for sessions and events. No registration is needed to visit the Trueffect team at the career fair. Stop by and see us!


About Trueffect
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