How Much of Your Media Spend Is Wasted?

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Examples of Media Waste

Duplicate spend on the same users across multiple DSPs

Buying back existing customers for acquisition campaigns

Incorrectly messaging to audiences in the wrong funnel stage

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Industry Average*—Media Waste


(%) Media Waste" (%) Media Waste"

In the left column, input your monthly media spend, revenue, and number of conversions.

In the right column, see your adjusted performance metrics with Trueffect!



Adjusted Monthly Spend

1 - Media Spend $ 1 - Media Spend $
2 - Revenue $ 2 - Revenue $
3 - Number of Conversions 3 - # Conversions
Estimated Cost Per Acquisition (eCPA) eCPA
Average Order Value (AOV) AOV
Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) % ROAS %
Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) $ ROAS $
Change in Revenue
- -
Change in Number of Conversions
Change in eCPA
- -
Change in ROAS %
Change in ROAS $

*Source: “Preventing Wasted Delivery.” Sizmek, Inc. 2014.

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