Seeing is Believing:

See Independent Media Measurement
in Action

Advertisers can’t accurately measure their media
ROI because the ecosystem controls them.

Trueffect powers advertisers and their agencies to:

  • Eliminate wasted spend from ads served into control groups
  • Recognize, target, and suppress existing customers across media buys
  • Manage ad frequency at every stage of the marketing funnel
  • Measure eCPA across every creative, campaign, and channel in real time

Sign up for a 60 day trial, and begin to see the true ROI of your media spend!

Leverage What Competitors Will Never Have—Your Customer Data

200 %

Increase in
conversion accuracy

50 %

decrease in
partner/agency overlap

50 %

budget efficiency

Get Started:

Just 6 Easy Steps to Media Transparency

Steps 1-3: Account Set-Up

Let’s break it down.

Step 01:

Basic questions about your business :

Company name, identify yourself as an advertiser or agency.

Step 02:

Select your verticals and average monthly impressions.

Step 03:

Input contact info, Name, Email Address/ Password.

Steps 4-6: Campaign Set-Up

Let’s break it down.

Step 04:

Add details for placements you want to track.

Step 05:

Review or add any conversion events.

Step 06:

Implement your tags and start tracking placements.

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